Those with local experience preferred for senior executive roles

Most CXOs from foreign countries fail to adjust to the relatively unstructured business environment of India, and often return in less than two years.


Organisations in India—the established ones as well as the startups— prefer people with significant local experience to take on CXO roles instead of foreign candidates. This means, not only are there reduced opportunities for candidates from abroad and returning Indian expats, but they are not offered very high salaries either.

Organisations are increasingly relying on local talent pool that seems to have sufficient technology expertise and experience with large-scale businesses. Such talent is also able to survive in an unsystematic work environment and establish connections with all stakeholders.

As per a report in ET, the situation was very different about four years back when many startups equipped with funds, could afford foreign expertise in senior positions, because they had experience of working with big businesses and were also technologically sound. But a significant number went back in less than two years. Most found it challenging to adapt to the Indian business environment having been used to the systematic and structured ways of the corporate world and business environment abroad.

Now, things have changed for the better with the Indian startups banking on local expertise with world-class talent and experience. The available talent pool in India is not only qualified and experienced but rather technologically sound. The biggest advantage is that they are used to the ways of local and large-scale businesses.

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