Wipro fires freshers who scored low in internal test

These 452 freshers apparently failed to clear the assessment test despite training, and yet the IT major told them that they were being let go without having to pay Rs 75,000 to cover their training cost!


About 452 freshers at Wipro were told that they had to leave because they did not score well in the internal assessment.

These freshers had apparently performed poorly in the test conducted inhouse by the organisation, despite the training they had received. Business Today reports that the affected employees were sent a termination letter conveying that they actually owe the Company Rs 75,000, which was apparently spent on their training; and that the Company had chosen to waive off that training cost for them.

The termination came as a big shock for some freshers who were onboarded after months of delay post receiving the offer letter.

Wipro, however, maintains that these sacked freshers were let go because they were unable to clear the test, which comprises assessments that evaluate whether the individual will be able to align with the goals of the business. The Company reportedly tries to mentor them and give them training, but if they still fail to improve, they are let go.

Layoffs across the tech space have been grabbing headlines in the past few weeks. With companies realising they have excess staff at hand, and a recession just waiting around the corner, most organisations across the globe are resorting to reducing their team size.

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