IBM’s AI-enabled Watson Talent Analytics to offer more to HR


Companies will now be able to use the artificial intelligence software for recruiting, career coaching, exploring workforce data and a lot more.

Talent analytics is about to get more advanced and HR managers can now hope for deeper insights, as IBM is planning to expand its Watson talent analytics for HR this year. Companies will now be able to use the artificial intelligence software for recruiting, career coaching, exploring workforce data, recommending learning for employees, and answering questions about benefits and services as well.

IBM Watson Talent is a category of cloud-based products that consists of IBM Watson Recruitment, Watson Career Coach, Watson Talent Development, IBM Cognitive Agent Assist for HR and Watson Talent Insights. Talent Insights, which was released in 2015, is the most mature.

The company is now planning to make Watson Recruitment and Watson Career Coach commercially available as a software service sometime during the first half of this year. The former is currently available through IBM’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and the latter was rolled out internally at IBM late last year. Also, in October, 2016, during the World of Watson, IBM had announced cloud-based Watson Talent Development and IBM Cognitive Agent Assist for HR, which are currently being delivered to customers.

Attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent are pivotal factors essential to business success. Leveraging cognitive capabilities, IBM Watson Talent offerings bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to the recruitment, learning and talent functions, driving improvements in the delivery of HR services.

To retain key talent, organisations must have the tools that support employees’ preferred working style. With IBM Watson Workspace cognitive-powered productivity applications and services, employees can connect with the right experts, ensure relevant content and insights are utilised and work together in a simple manner.

IBM Watson Workspace learns how an individual works and interacts, and consolidates multiple work conversations from various communication channels into a single space. Using Watson, the technology highlights the most urgent action items, points to the right content needed at the time, and automates everyday tasks so employees can focus on the most vital business tasks.

IBM Watson Work Services are a set of cognitive application programming interfaces or APIs—Action Identification, Moment Identification and Summarisation—developers can access through the offering’s website so they can infuse cognitive capabilities into existing work products and applications, such as IBM Watson Workspace, existing third-party applications and while building new applications. The technology uses natural language classifiers so it can analyse and facilitate the necessary action. For example, if someone says: “Great point. Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss further,” the system can identify ‘schedule a meeting’ as an action, and help find the best time to continue the conversation.

Talent Insights, the latest offering, allows HR to make strategic, fact-based decisions based on talent analytics to improve business results, according to information provided by IBM. The product enables HR to explore virtually any workforce data by simply typing in questions to help understand and predict the effect of talent decisions.


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