Now an all-in-one talent pool system from Twago


Twago enterprise will improve workforce management and reduce operating costs, particularly for companies engaging many contingent workers.

Twago, a Randstad company and the largest European freelancer marketplace platform, has launched a talent-management system that integrates into an organisation’s existing vendor management system (VMS) and managed service programme (MSP) processes.

Called Twago enterprise, this talent pool system aims to improve the workforce management of large-scale companies, and reduce operating costs in the long run.

As an integral part of VMS and MSP operations, twago provides a vital link to the growing contingent workforce by managing the functionality of talent-pool curation, engagement and automated matching. Additionally, twago provides customised interfaces to existing talent pools or job boards. The solution is transparent and entirely client branded to utilise and reinforce an organisation’s employer brand.

Thomas Jajeh, CEO, Twago, says, “Internally, twago enterprise acts as a direct sourcing channel for an organisation, and does not require hiring managers to learn a new system or decide which type of employment contract is needed while posting a requisition.”

All relevant information is accessible through the VMS, which greatly facilitates reporting. In addition to the high level of transparency provided by the seamless integration of twago enterprise, talent pool management can also be used to organise retirees, and internal pools of workers.

This tool can be extremely useful for companies that rely heavily on contingent workers.


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