Oracle promises to make work more enjoyable and supportive through AI


It will provide simple, powerful solutions that can proactively anticipate and respond to changing employee and workforce needs.

Oracle has enhanced user experience and added AI (artificial intelligence) to its human capital management (HCM) cloud platform.

The additions promise to improve engagement, recruitment and HR productivity. It will provide employees quick and easy access to information they need to excel at work.

The new features can optimise talent management, provide complete workforce insights, increase operational efficiency, and make it easy for everyone to connect, collaborate, and do their job–from anywhere using any device.

With the innovative offerings, HR professionals will be able to simplify and humanise the entire candidate–employee experience by making work smarter, collaborative and more enjoyable.

For instance, it has introduced an AI-supported Newsfeed Interface, which will allow employees to highlight the data and details they care about most. Tasks that need attention can be highlighted in an easy-to-read tiled format; an automatically updated analytics snapshot can elevate key business insights; and company and employee-related news can be easily accessed without digging through e-mails. This will help employees minimise busywork and focus on actions and decisions that matter most.

It offers a personalised cross-device experience, which will allow employees to take action based on company updates, personal feedback, and goals—no matter where the job takes them—on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

In addition, new performance ‘check-in’ capabilities will help ensure that employees always receive real-time coaching and feedback, and are also able to easily track goals.

For HR professionals, there will be advanced machine learning capabilities which can highlight best-fit candidates and proactively identifying candidates and employees who should be invited to apply. This will reduce the time taken to fill open positions.

The fresh onboarding features will enhance collaboration between new hires, managers, and HR team to faster and easier transition of employees from ‘new hires’ to engaged, productive ‘contributors’ to the team.

In addition, unique smart and adaptable AI-powered business processes will enable HR professionals to deliver all the support employees require to excel. For instance, a pre-built library of best practice controls, security dashboards and workbench capabilities will help organisations stop unauthorised access to sensitive HCM functions and data. With the ability to also manage exception and policy violations, HR departments will have the power to keep classified employee data protected, while lowering compliance costs (GDPR, SOX, and so on), by automating audit procedures and analyses.

Chris Leone, senior vice president, HCM Development, Oracle says, “By leveraging advanced technologies to make HR applications powerful yet simple to use on any device, we can make work smarter, more enjoyable, and more supportive.”

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