Recruitment goes mobile with Pearson TalentLens’ new tool


Pearson TalentLens has partnered with Assessment Innovation, a US based mobile assessment company to create a mobile recruitment solution called Hire.ME

In today’s hi-tech world, organisations look for faster and more cost-effective ways to achieve their means, be it in head hunting, selecting or hiring. Global data reveals that about 70 per cent of high-potential employees are drawn to organisations with a mobile recruitment option and 75 per cent use mobile devices for job search. In times when everyone is seeking ease of access and on-the-go options for anything and everything, the talent acquisition space is also undergoing various transformations to move with the times.

Having said that, Pearson TalentLens, has partnered with Assessment Innovation, a US based mobile assessment company to create a mobile recruitment solution for the high volume recruitment market in India.

The Hire.ME solution features mobile job application, video interview, skills assessments and the Versant English Test for India (VETI), a scientific and automated test to assess spoken English proficiency. It will incorporate assessments from both Pearson TalentLens and Assessment Innovation.

The solution also provides cutting edge enterprise reporting that presents recruitment data in an easy to use format to make hiring decisions and provide data analytics.

“The fast growing high volume Indian job market has caused a shortage of quality talent and candidates that possess the essential skills, knowledge and attitude required for these roles.

Using a mobile solution to reach candidates is critical to competing for talent in this market,” says Karen Chiang, vice-president, growth markets, Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment.

“Companies using these recruitment tools will be able to efficiently recruit more candidates than their competitors by leveraging mobile technology to reach and engage both active and passive job candidates through job portals and social media,” she adds.

This recruitment solution helps companies reach, engage, assess and shortlist candidates remotely via the mobile app. The integrated solution allows high volume recruiters to invest time only on qualified candidates thereby reducing the time and cost to hire. It has come out as the first integrated mobile recruitment solution and may prove to be a game-changer in the online hiring space.

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