Google continues to hire amid reports of mass layoffs

The tech major still seems very active in the hiring market although reports suggest its parent company, Alphabet, may be laying off 6% of its workforce.


Google continues to be a hiring machine, bringing on new employees even as rumours of potential layoffs persist. While other companies in the industry are cutting back on hiring, the tech giant is continuing to grow. It remains to be seen whether this represents a show of confidence in the face of uncertainty or simply reflects the company’s excess cash reserves.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, recently made some very direct comments about job cuts. Employees at Google, on the other hand, have confirmed that the business is still hiring at all levels.

Earlier, reports suggested that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, was gearing up to let go of 10,000 ‘poor performing’ employees that make up about six percent of its workforce.

In contrast to Meta, where the hiring process was completely halted prior to the layoffs, Google has not stopped onboarding new employees.

A Google employee wrote in a post on Blind, that the Company isn’t only hiring for critical roles, but for all levels.

A Squarespace employee commented on a post, claiming that Google had recently approached them about a new position.

A report in November suggested that Google would lay off around 10,000 employees. Google had previously stated that it would slow down hiring during the year’s final three months. Although the layoff process hasn’t started yet, a hiring freeze is necessary if Google is anticipating making job cuts.

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