3,200 equity shares rewarded as ESOPs by Aditya Birla fashion and retail

ABFRL intends to issue equity shares valued at Rs 10 each, making the nominal value of each share Rs 10


Aditya Birla fashion and retail (ABFRL), headquartered in Mumbai, is an Indian fashion retail company. Before being acquired by the Aditya Birla Group, it was known as Pantaloons fashion and retail.

The company is planning to issue equity shares with a face value of Rs 10 each. This means that for every share issued, its nominal value will be Rs 10.

Upon the issuance and allotment of these new shares, the paid-up equity share capital of ABFRL will undergo an increase, growing from its current value of Rs 9,48,86,18,680 to Rs 9,48,86,50,680. This surge in paid-up capital signifies the additional funds raised by the company through the issuance of new equity shares, which can be utilised for various business purposes and expansion.

As of July 20, 2023 at 3:30 pm IST, the shares of ABFRL were trading at Rs 214.05 per share, displaying a positive movement of 0.12 percent compared to their previous value. This reflects a favorable trend in the company’s stock price at that specific time.

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