70% of TCS staff already back in office

The tech firm will pay 100% variable pay to 70% of its staff


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) admits that post mandating that its staff return to office full time, 70 per cent of its employees have started doing so. It is urging the rest to also follow suit because the firm realises that integration of the old employees with the new hires — who haven’t had the chance to work from the office at all — is essential. Also, the company has started experiencing the benefits of in-office work with increased interaction and collaboration not only amongst employees but also with customers. Additionally, in-office work appears to be the best and only way to experience and nurture the TCS culture.

The firm had put an end to work-from-home with effect from 1 October.

It has also been revealed that TCS will pay 100 per cent of the variable pay to 70 per cent of its employees, while the remaining will be paid based on business performance.

Senior leadership at TCS feels that employees learn and observe a lot while working from the physical office, which they otherwise do not when working remotely.

However, there is no guarantee that the work model will not undergo any changes in the future taking into account whatever works best for clients and the workforce.

The last quarter at TCS was witness to a dip in attrition from over 17 per cent to about 14 per cent. Its dollar revenue also fell in Q2, after four years.

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