Accenture UK recognised as menopause-friendly workplace

The company’s initiatives include a digital healthcare app to offer expert support to those with issues pertaining to fertility, early parenthood and menopause


Accenture, the global consulting firm, has been recognised for its efforts to support the hormonal health of its employees as part of its endeavour to  create an inclusive workplace culture.

The accreditation — ‘Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace’— acknowledges Accenture’s dedication to addressing menopause as an important workplace issue and implementing effective policies and practices around the same.

The initiatives introduced by Accenture to ensure employees’ hormonal health and overall well-being, include a digital healthcare app that helps and supports those undergoing early parenthood, menopause or fertility issues. Employees are able to receive advice from menopause experts through chat and virtual consultations.

The company also provides ergonomic chairs and desk fans to those working from home, via the health-assessment programme. Several wellness rooms have also been made available in the offices so that employees have access to a safe space at all times.

Furthermore, Accenture has established the MenoWarriors ally community, which currently has over 300 members. This community offers support, regular sessions, and events featuring expert speakers to guide men and women facing menopause-related challenges. The firm focuses on educating and training employees so that they can recognise symptoms and also raise awareness about menopause and available resources.

It is hoped that these initiatives will do away with the stigma associated with menopause and nurture a culture of inclusivity and understanding.

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