Amazon to test its employees, may compel other businesses to follow

The Company has set up a lab and will begin by testing a small number of its front-line employees.


With the COVID-19 outbreak, companies across the globe are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of their employees’ health and well-being.  Following the reports of coronavirus cases at Amazon’s warehouse facilities, the multinational conglomerate has responded by planning to test its entire workforce on a regular basis.

Not just that, the Company also intends to compel other businesses to eventually test all of their employees to flatten the coronavirus curve.

An annual shareholder letter shared by Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon, mentions the necessary measures and initiatives taken up by the e-commerce platform to protect its employees. For that matter, the Company is considering regular diagnosis on a global scale, across all industries to have a smooth-running economy.

For this initiative, Bezos said, “Amazon has begun building ‘incremental testing capacity’ and has reassigned a team of its research scientists, programme managers, procurement specialists and software engineers to work on the project.”

The Company has built a lab and will begin by testing a small number of its front-line employees. According to Bezos, Amazon will share its findings with others.

Amazon has 8,40,000 employees worldwide, including more than 5,90,000 in the US. In March, the Company had opened 100,000 new positions across and after filling these positions, it had later announced another 75,000 posts.

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