Bain & Company ranked top employer in India: Glassdoor

The strategic consulting firm with 57 offices in 36 countries, is known for its supportive work environment and high-performance work culture.


Based on the analysis of its database of company reviews— 45 million— Glassdoor, the job search and review site, has ranked Bain & Company as the top employer in India. The Company has three offices in the country, in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi, which are known for their high-performance work culture and supportive work environment.

The rating is arrived at on the basis of anonymous comments and reviews by existing and former employees, on their jobs and employers. The organisations are marked based on remunerations, organisation culture, attitude and behaviour of senior management, and focus on work-life balance. It is reported that Bain & Company, the global management consultancy, which has a workforce of 8000 employees, globally, scored the highest in terms of average employee review. The reviews were received from North America (US, Canada), Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK), and Asia-Pacific (Australia, India, New Zealand).

The consultancy set up in 1973, has 57 offices in 36 countries, and has grown tremendously in the last two decades. The Company is known to be committed to employee engagement and believes it is the key to happiness and productivity at the workplace. The employees, referred to as ‘Bainies’ are hired on the basis of their level of intellectual curiosity, ability to work in teams, and their cultural fit.

In the past, the consultancy has been ranked the best employer in the US and also in Germany and the Netherlands.

While Glassdoor is yet to officially release a ‘Best Places to Work list’ for India, Bain & Company has scored a super 4.8 out of 5, based on the employees who appreciated the firm’s supportive environment, the opportunities it offers for professional growth, its range of perks as well as the compensation and benefits.

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