IPM India Wholesale Trading is India’s 1st organisation to receive Equal-Salary certification

The certification will help the Company move close to its goal of achieving gender parity and reducing gender gap.


India Philip Morris (IPM) India Wholesale Trading, a country affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI), has received the EQUAL-SALARY certification from the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

The smoke-free technology company believes that only a diverse and inclusive culture can drive innovation and success. Philip Morris International and its affiliates across the world are committed to reducing gender gap. Not surprisingly, women hold 35 per cent of all management positions at PMI, and the Company is confident of taking this figure to 40 per cent in the next couple of years.

According to Hosne Ara Loma, director-people & culture, IPM India Wholesale Trading “Our success as a company depends on a talented and diverse workforce – where individuals enjoy opportunities to learn, grow and prosper in their careers. This means providing fair and equal remuneration for men and women for equivalent work, and at IPM India our values and principles call for nothing less. According to the ILO Gender Wage Report 2018/19, in India, where the gender pay gap is 34.5%, wage parity represents a crucial step on the road to gender parity. IPM India’s achievement as the first EQUAL-SALARY certified company in India makes us an employer of choice committed to equality and to fostering an inclusive and dynamic workforce.”

The certification authenticates the fact that IPM India Wholesale Trading offers equal pay to men and women for equivalent work. The EQUAL-SALARY certification is based on a qualitative assessment of management commitment to the principles of equal pay and of employee perception of that commitment. It also studies the HR policies and practices, of the Company under scrutiny, that are capable of not just identifying potential gender blind spots, but also recommending corrective measures.

The certification further helps identify areas for improvement and supports efforts to address the broader challenge of closing any gender talent gaps. This includes introducing flexible working arrangements and addressing gender bias.

Commenting on the certification, Véronique Goy Veenhuys, founder & CEO, EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, said, “While today, we still cannot take equal pay for equivalent work for granted, the commitment of companies, such as IPM India Wholesale Trading is a welcome step forward on the journey toward achieving global wage parity, and contributes to the broader challenge of closing the gender pay gap.”

Interestingly, Philip Morris International is endeavouring to transform the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products. Despite the risks, these products will be a much better choice than smoking.

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