4 special holidays in addition to 12 annual ones for RepIndia staff

This is the digital agency’s way of showing its appreciation for the hard work put in by the employees during the pandemic


RepIndia, an integrated digital agency, has announced four special holidays for its employees as a mark of appreciation for their dedication and support through the pandemic. These holidays will be in addition to the 12 annual holidays that employees already enjoy.

February 19 will be observed as ‘A great team holiday’, June 19 will be observed as ‘Day of radio silence’, an extra day will be given off on Rakhi, that is, August 20, and an extra day will be given off for Christmas, that is, December 24, which happens to be on a Saturday. These four special holidays are in addition to the twelve yearly holidays. With this announcement, the creative advertising company hopes to focus more on work-life balance in 2021 after a year full of challenges and social distancing in 2020 .

Interestingly, RepIndia did not lay off any employees, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. The Company actually experienced steady growth as it took on brands, such as Adani Airports, Beardo, Villain and STL amongst others during the lockdown. This resulted in the best of marketing, creative and advertising talents joining its workforce.

Archit Chenoy, CEO, RepIndia, points out that these special holidays are part of a “humble effort to not only avoid burnout but also to say thanks to the ones that have stood by us”. This is the Company’s way of ensuring that employees get some respite from the “emotional pressures” of working from home, which had blurred the boundaries between work and home.

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