A day off for 10 hours of overtime for Govt employees in Kerala

Government employees in the state, including gazetted officers, will enjoy this compensation every month, as part of the initiatives to ensure punctuality.


The Kerala government has decided to offer a day off to the government employees to compensate for 10 hours or more of overtime every month. This compensation will be allowed to gazetted officers also. Overtime will mean the hours put in by each employee beyond the normal seven hours of working.

To ensure punctuality, this benefit will be allowed to employees of offices that are connected with the SPARK biometric punching system. No employee will be allowed more than 300 minutes of grace time every month, and only one hour can be used in the grace period in a day. The grace period will be calculated from the 16th of the month to the 15th of next month. Grace period will also be allowed for half day duty.

Employees will be required to log in using their ID card or enter their permanent employee number or PEN. Any leave application that is not filed via SPARK will be considered unauthorised, leading to a salary cut against the leave.

Only those working on contract or on daily wages are allowed to skip punching in. The regular staff will have to face salary cuts if they arrive late for work or leave early from work without applying for leave. Punching in just once will not be considered as attendance.

If the biometric system does not work due to some technical fault, the same will be set right without delay. All newly-appointed employees will have to begin punching using PEN.

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