CoinSwitch offers pet care and adoption policy for staff

The policy will cover the cost of medicines, vet examinations, trainers, food and pre- and post-adoption expenses


CoinSwitch, the Indian crypto investing app, has rolled out pet care benefits for its employees.

The Company’s ‘Pet Care and Adoption Policy’ will reimburse the costs incurred in providing medical care and grooming to pets.

In short, the policy will cover expenses on medicines, vet examinations, grooming, trainers, toys, treats, and food, as well as pre & post-adoption expenses, including services of animal behaviourists.

Among other benefits, the Company recently introduced paid leaves for charity work and also increased bereavement leaves from five days to two weeks. Employees also enjoy mandatory recharge days, paid leave on work and wedding anniversary, along with reimbursement of tuition fee.

Being a new-age company with a diverse workforce, “The Pet Care and Adoption Policy is one of the first steps we are introducing to ensure our benefits and HR policies are inclusive and holistic to reflect our diverse workforce,” said Zeeshan Ramlan, director and head-HR, CoinSwitch.

Aware that the “very idea of family itself has evolved and expanded”, Ramlan reiterated that “diversity and inclusivity are the pillars of CoinSwitch, enabling us to build products and services for every Indian. We will implement more such benefits that are in step with the times we live in.”

On a mission to ‘make money equal for all’, CoinSwitch’s investing app is trying to create an ecosystem that simplifies Crypto. Founded in 2017, by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar Tiwari, it already boasts of more than 18 million registered users.

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