Salary hike for teachers of Punjab University after 5 years

The Punjab government will implement the 7th Pay Commission starting October 2022


At last, the teachers of Punjab University can look forward to a salary hike after five years. The State government has decided to implement the revised University Grants Commission (UGC) pay scales in alignment with the 7th Pay Commission starting October 2022, which will raise the salaries of college and university teachers in the State.

The move will benefit about 680 teachers of Punjab University (PU) who have not received a hike since 2018, even though the Punjab University Teachers ASsocaition (PUTA) has been demanding the same for some time now.

The teachers are looking forward to the notification being issued at the earliest.

Even guest faculty teachers who have been teaching for 18 to 20 years, will receive a hike in pay.

Back in 2017, the board of finance of Punjab University had decided that the University should implement the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission only after the same is notified and implemented by the Punjab government. Then came a long wait to receive the the approval of the State government following which the University was to approach the education ministry for grant so that the 7th Central Pay Commission could be implemented.

As per Hindustan Times, even the non-teaching staff for whom the University had adopted the 6th Punjab Pay Commission have yet to receive the benefits because the University hasn’t received the required funds.

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