Sikkim drops five-day week for state government employees

Only second and fourth Saturdays will be off with effect from April 1.


The Government in Sikkim has decided to do away with the practice of a five-day work week for staff of government and public-sector units. With effect from April 1, in addition to Sundays, only the second and fourth Saturdays will be holidays for government staff. In May last year, the five-day work week was announced with the aim of improving the quality of life of government employees, and allowing them time to take care of their families’ and their own health. It was one of the election promises made by the government.

However, it was observed that the reduced working days did little good. The Government was not satisfied with the performance of its employees nor did it see any rise in productivity level, despite the five-day work week. Therefore, it has now decided to allow just two Saturdays off every month, in addition to all Sundays.

In Maharashtra, however, the state government employees have recently been granted a five-day work week, provided they put in 45 minutes extra on other days, to cover the lost time.

Most progressive countries believe in a five-day week, as it allows employees to become more efficient and productive in the long term. This is because two holidays allow people time to rest, relax and spend quality time with their families, and also pursue their hobbies. In addition, two days of holidays help cut costs, since offices remain shut. In fact, many governments, worldwide, have started to consider a four-day week keeping in mind the long-term health benefits of their employees.

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