‘Unlimited leaves, work from anywhere’: Grant Thornton Bharat to staff

The accounting firm trusts its employees to plan their leaves responsibly, keeping the interests of the business in mind


Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, the accounting firm, has decided to allow its employees unlimited leaves and also work from anywhere.

There will be no limit to the number of leaves an employee can take in a year, as the Company trusts its staff members to plan their leaves/holidays responsibly, in advance, taking into account the interests of the Company and business.

The employees will be able to work from anywhere they wish to and visit their offices whenever and only if required. This means, they can even opt to work from home permanently, if they choose to.

The pandemic made Grant Thornton Bharat realise that to use infrastructure effectively it was not really necessary to work out of offices. Therefore, it is doing its bit to allow its employees belonging to smaller cities, to work from home, without having to stay away from their families.

The Company is also transitioning towards an open workspace model. At its national office, in New Delhi, it plans to follow the ‘hot desking’ system, wherein employees will not be assigned permanent desks or seats. Instead, they will occupy whichever desk is available at a given time. This is a step towards space optimisation. It will soon have multiple small offices at different locations within a city so that employees do not have to commute far, and at the same time have an office space to work in, if the facilities / space back home are inadequate.

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