Discovering true happiness at the workplace


On March 24 in Mumbai, 25 happy companies will share their secret to making employees truly happy.

Happiness is critical to business in the same way as it is to a meaningful life, and yet, as businesses strive to keep their employees and customers happy, there is some serious planning that goes behind ensuring the same. Leaders across industries and domains are concerned about keeping people happy and motivated—intrinsically and actually–especially in times, when machines and artificial intelligence are making the workplace more mechanical.

As the definition of happiness undergoes transformation, Geethaa Ghaneckar, director HR, Raymond, says, “Happiness is no longer just that nebulous fluffy feeling that you know when you feel it yourself, and you know in others when you see that twinkle in the eye or the spring in their steps. Wearables, enterprise social networks and mobility devices are fast making it trackable.”

Geetha Ghaneckar

With advances in technology, something as intrinsic and subjective as happiness is now measurable. That is where organisations need to consciously make efforts to optimally utilise these technologies ensuring better engagement and overall employee happiness. Ghaneckar adds, after mentioning the power of the gadgets, “And that’s the first step to managing the emotion… at least at the workplace. Happiness is a level higher than engagement and many things we have done in the past to engage our people, may not necessarily work for happiness. It will need to be far more intrinsic.”

This means, the whole outlook of organisations towards employee happiness needs careful introspection. Organisations will need to see clearly what makes their employees intrinsically happy and not just engaged superficially.

Providing an inside-out explanation of what happiness really means, Anil Misra, CHRO, Magic Bricks says, “Happiness is about coming to work excited in the morning to solve the challenges lying ahead and in the process make one’s aspirations come true.”

Anil Misra

The Happiness Conclave (THC) scheduled for March 24 at the Taj President in Mumbai, will have 30 CXOs (CEOS, CMOs and CHROs) from 25 top-notch companies in India, across industries, sharing their secrets to ensure happy employees, happy workplaces and a successful businesses.

The Conclave will see participation from across sectors and industries—IT, pharma, telecom, BFSI, FMCG and even heavy industries and business conglomerates.

The Happiness Conclave is a great platform to meet, network with and learn from the industry veterans, who drive happiness in their organisations helping businesses grow and its people prosper. So, come and experience this never before discussion on happiness in the workplace and take away insights from those who have been there, and done that!

(Sodexo, Art of Living Corporate Programs, XLRI, NHRDN Pune, NHRDN Mumbai and XoxoDay are partners for The Happiness Conclave).

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