Medi Assist helps women relaunch their careers

Over 20% of the firm’s women employees comprises working moms


Medi Assist recently launched a programme called Medi Akanksha, to help women who have taken a professional sabbatical or career break, to relaunch their careers. The objective of the programme is to eradicate the stigma attached to women taking a professional break, and get them to rejoin the active workforce.

Anitha Manikantan, head of people practice, Medi Assist, reiterates that a “lot of thought has gone into this programme” and since all the leaders gave their full support, the firm went ahead with its implementation.

The firm wishes to hire women not just in leadership roles, but across departments such as operations, partnerships and technology.

The organisation is working towards creating a gender-equal workplace by providing equal opportunities. Currently, 42 per cent of Medi Assist’s workforce comprises women and the firm is aiming to increase this in the next few quarters. To achieve this goal, the firm hopes to tap the huge talent and capability among women professionals who are on a break due to various reasons.

Usually professional women who take a hiatus find it very challenging to restart their careers. The gap is seen as a huge disadvantage, and the women themselves lose confidence in their own abilities and start considering themselves incompetent.

The insurtech and healthtech organisation hopes to give opportunities and support to such women to re-enter the workforce and have a go at a second innings.

Therefore, the components of this initiative are structured onboarding, targeted mentoring, flexible work alternatives, and on-the-job learning, which prepare the potential employees for career 2.0.

The initiative helps women achieve their career goals and break down barriers by creating an environment that encourages them to resume their careers.

The health benefits administrator invites women to send their profiles to

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