Over 1 lakh women in Cognizant workforce, globally

The Company has over two lakh employees, of which 34 per cent are women, with 75000 in India itself.


American information technology company, Cognizant, has a 2.88 lakh strong workforce globally, of which one lakh are women, that is, 34 per cent. The women employees in India alone number about 75000, that is, about one third of the total workforce in the country.

Cognizant had initially aimed to employ a minimum of one lakh women , globally, by 2020. It now seems to be gearing up to exceed its own expectations, with 38 per cent of its India workforce alone comprising women, that is, more than 75,000 women professionals.

While the Company has a total headcount of 2.88 lakh worldwide, two lakh of them are working in India.

The organisation intends to continue working towards its goal, and recruiting more women and investing in their career development. This year itself, almost 40 per cent of the new recruits are women.

In cities, such as Coimbatore, Kochi and Mangalore, the workforce already has close to 50 per cent women. More initiatives are being launched to attract women to take on technology roles. Having more women in the workforce is just part of the Company’s bigger agenda of ensuring diversity and inclusion in their work culture.

The leaders are taking Cognizant’s diversity and inclusion agenda very seriously. This is clear from the fact that the one lakh women employed by the Company in about 48 countries, come from over a 100 different nationalities.

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