Employee miffed as manager calls him to work on day off, quits

The employee shared screenshots of the conversation where his manager was pressurising him to work on his day off only because he is single 


A recent incident shared on Reddit detailed a conversation between a manager and an employee who was asked to come to work on his day off. This has sparked outrage among people. The manager justified the request by pointing out that the employee was single, suggesting that he should have no problem coming in.

The employee declined the request by politely suggesting that another colleague be asked instead. However, the manager insisted, citing the family commitments of the suggested colleague. 

The employee refused to come as it was his only day off and explained that he had personal plans, including helping a friend shift. Despite this, the manager kept on persisting.

The employee, who felt disrespected, decided to quit the job on the spot. 

This incident received a significant response on Reddit, garnering over 64,000 upvotes. Also,  commenters praised the employee for handling the situation well and standing up for himself.

Various suggestions were also shared such as not providing detailed explanations for not being available on days off and simply stating it’s a personal matter. Some users were disgusted by the manager’s behaviour and emphasised the importance of employees being treated with respect.

This incident highlights the importance of setting boundaries in the workplace and not allowing one to be taken advantage of.

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