‘Apple Together’ to resist Apple’s return-to-office plans

Repeated attempts by Apple to call its employees to office are failing, with employees preferring work from home


While Apple wants its employees to return to office for at least three days a week, its employees are not willing to obey. The deadline of 5 September set for employees to return to office for three days of in-person working is being resisted by ‘Apple Together’ an internal group.

This group is advocating that a system be put in place wherein employees can discuss with the managers they are directly reporting to and decide on the need / time / days to come to office, if the project so requires.

While the group is not demanding that there be 100 per cent work from home, they feel the decision regarding the days of work-from office should not require approvals from seniors or higher levels or involve complex and unnecessary procedures.

Many employees at Apple are currently working from office twice a week. Earlier, Apple had mandated that all employees be in office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Now, the Company says that employees should be in office on Tuesdays and Thursdays for sure. The third work-from-office day can be decided by the team leaders with their respective teams. However, even this arrangement is being resisted by the workforce.

The ‘Apple Together’ group has reportedly circulated an internal petition seeking signatures from the employees. The petition states that the employees are more productive while working from home, and it is in the interest of many employees to continue to work from home for most of the week.

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