Credit Suisse reveals data theft by former employee

The Swiss bank has informed its employees that their personal data, including details about their emoluments had been copied by a former employee years ago, but not misused


After a long and thorough internal investigation, Credit Suisse, the Swiss bank, has finally identified the former employee who managed to copy the personal and remuneration-related information pertaining to the employees of the Bank.

This employee had access to the data during his tenure and unethically managed to transfer all the personal information of the workforce onto his personal device, violating the Bank’s policies before quitting the Company.

This data contained information on the bank accounts of the employees where their salary was transferred, as well as details of variable pay for the 2013 to 2015 period.

Although this breach of trust happened years ago, it is reported that the Bank had been trying to identify the employee who was responsible and recover the data. This process took time and finally, the members of the workforce have now been officially warned of the leak, which first came to light two years ago. However, the Bank has not discovered any evidence of the data being shared or misused.

The Bank has been incurring losses and many incidents of oversight have come to light of late. Therefore, the financial institution has been going out of the way to make efforts to regain the confidence of its clients.

It hasn’t been long since the Bank got involved in a series of cases filed by a rich client over hundreds of millions of dollars. Another incident of data leak has also emerged, putting the Bank under scrutiny yet again.

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