‘Employers cannot impose vaccine mandate’: Texas governor

The governor believes that vaccination should remain voluntary and has given an executive order preventing employers from enforcing it on employees, customers or job seekers


Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, believes that even though vaccination remains the best protection for the population against COVID-19, it should be voluntary and not imposed on anyone. Abbott went on to issue an order which bans all private and public employers in the state from forcing their employees to get a jab.

Abbott’s order clearly states that those who refuse to get vaccinated, for any religious, medical or personal reasons, should not be forced to get the jab.

He suggests that a law be passed by the Texas state legislature to ensure that vaccination remains voluntary. Once such a law is implemented, Abott’s executive order will be withdrawn.

Despite having contracted COVID-19 once, Abbott maintains his stand against vaccine mandates, vaccination requirement for passports and the rule of wearing masks in school districts.

He believes these restrictions have deprived the people of Texas from job opportunities and are responsible for their financial struggles. It was very clear that he was eager to open Texas up fully when he did away with the mask mandate altogether. And now, as per the order, henceforth, no employer in Texas can demand proof of vaccination from any employee or job seeker or even client or customer.

Meanwhile, both Facebook and Google, who have a significant number of employees in Texas, have made it compulsory for employees to get vaccinated and present proof of vaccination to be able to enter their offices.

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