Head-HR, GitHub, resigns following alleged faulty dismissal of Jewish employee

An apology has been issued by the tech company, and the expulsion has been reversed


The HR head resigned following the unfair dismissal of a staff member, when it was established that the latter was fired on the grounds of wrongful judgement and erroneous procedures. On Jan 8, the said employee of Jewish origin, commented on the U.S Capitol riots – “Stay safe homies, Nazis are about,” following which he was expelled. The employee was only trying to caution his co-workers about the presence of Nazis in Washington on the day of the riot. The claim of faulty dismissal was made by a committee that conducted an independent investigation into the expulsion of the employee.

As a consequence of the independent investigation, the orders of expulsion were reversed immediately, requesting the representative of the employee to reconnect with the organisation.

SanFrancisco-based GitHub also issued an apology to the employee after the independent probe.

Angry mobs rallied across the US Capitol preceding the riots, on January 6. The incident had taken five lives, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, trying to disrupt the certification by the Congress of President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

GitHub, the technology company, expanded its employee base in India last year, by establishing offices in the cities of Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The developer community of India for GitHub is the third largest after China and the US. This community continues to thrive, with a growth of 22 per cent in the last year alone, after the organisation planned to increase collaboration with developers, students and other platforms. The public repositories increased by 75 per cent in India after implementation of expansion techniques. The GitHub Education gives away GitHub Hackathon Grant Program to support student Hackathons with upto $1000 in Grants.

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