Laid-off Googlers get more disappointing news

Apparently, Google has told the laid off employees that there was some error in calculating the number of stocks they would get


As if mass layoffs weren’t bad enough, Google managed to disappoint its laid-off employees yet again. The Company sent them an e-mail that indicated they would probably not get as many stocks as was stated. The tech giant has admitted that there was a calculation error and that the employees will get lesser stocks than were earlier promised.

This information, as per an employee who recently lost his job, felt like yet another ‘kick in the chest’.

It was only in late January that Google laid off about 12,000 people from its workforce. The impacted employees received details of their severance package on e-mail, which included a certain amount of stocks. The laid off employees have been promised salary and stock units for their notice period as well and as part of the severance package. They will also receive their bonus and healthcare support.

Now, about three weeks later, the Company has communicated to them that there was a miscalculation in the number of stock units promised.

Therefore, the employees who had thought that the stocks part of their severance package managed to somewhat cushion the shock of the layoff, are now deeply disappointed. They realise that the Company was not being generous after all.

Google’s mass layoffs have not gone down well with many of the impacted employees. Protests were organised by the Alphabet Workers Union, a labour group whose members include both Google employees and subcontractors, early this month.

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