Layoffs begin at Tesla

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Elon Musk had indicated a need for 10% job cuts as he feared an economic recession


It hasn’t been long since Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla had expressed concern over the state of the economy and that a 10 per cent cut in jobs may be required at the Company. The Company had already decided on a hiring pause earlier, fearing recession. Now, going by certain posts on LinkedIn, there are media reports saying that the job cuts at Tesla that Musk had mentioned have already begun.

With about one lakh employees in its workforce, if Tesla is going ahead with laying off 10 per cent, about 10,000 people may be rendered jobless.

According to Business Insider, a project lead, a senior regional warehouse manager, a few trainers as well as a CGI animation lead are amongst those who have been asked to leave. Clearly, senior and managerial-level positions are also being affected by the layoffs.

Social-media posts by the laid-off employees reveal that some of them actually relocated because of their job at Tesla. Most of them speak well of their experience at Tesla and have found it hard to digest the news of layoff.

Quite recently, Tesla also cancelled three hiring events in China scheduled for June 2022.

Musk had grabbed headlines when he said that he expected all employees to return to office full time and that those who failed to do so could expect to be rendered jobless. He had made it clear to Tesla employees that he expected everyone to put in 40 hours of in-person work.

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