Perks proving to be expensive for Google?

The tech major is now cutting down on the perks its employees enjoyed, including snacks, massages, lunches and laundry services


As part of its cost-cutting measures, Google has now decided to cut down or completely do away with some perks. The Company has realised it is spending too much on perks such as free snacks, massages, lunches and laundry services. These perks will now be reduced or eliminated altogether. The Company will also cut down on its hiring pace to reduce costs and curtail expenditure on laptops and other personal gadgets / equipment.

These cuts will vary from office to office, depending on the location-specific needs and practicality. The objective is to utilise or spend resources in a responsible manner to ensure efficiency, without compromising on basic perquisites. For instance, fitness classes may see a major change in schedule based on utilisation, so that costs are saved. Micro kitchens may no longer operate on low-volume days of the week, that means the cafes on the campus may not open on certain days. This environment-friendly move will ensure less wastage of food.

Google, as per media reports, is now planning to prioritise work and accordingly, reassign teams to concentrate on high-priority projects, especially those pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI).

These changes have been conveyed to the employees via an internal memo.

Google’s offices have been known to be very welcoming. The workplace is designed to be most productive and happy. Its large Silicon Valley Campus, located in Mountainview, California, was known for its wellness and fitness centres, space to play beach volleyball, bowling alley, and other facilities. The campus is so huge that employees use Google bikes or gbikes to move around.

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