Staff unhappy with Amazon’s ‘return to office’ directive

The company wants its workers to return to office for at least three days a week for better absorption of culture and more engagement

Amazon AWS

When the CEO of Amazon mandated that employees return to office for a minimum of three days a week, staring May 2023, he wouldn’t have imagined there would be so much of resistance. The mandate has clearly not gone down well with the staff. Employees have been expressing their disapproval by posting messages on an internal website.

Some employees wrote an internal petition urging Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazonand other leaders to withdraw the mandate. About 5,000 employees have lent their support to the petition, while the protesting group has managed to gather about 16,000 members.

Jassy feels that it is more convenient to strengthen the culture of an organisation when the employees are working from a physical office and interacting with each other. He feels that only in-office working can facilitate learning from peers, which is critical to the business. He is of the opinion that people are “more engaged, observant, and attuned to” all that is happening in the organisation and in the meetings.

While Jassy admits that this return to office mandate may involve some effort and struggle for certain employees, he is hopeful that in the long run it will help the Company be more efficient and innovative in serving its clients.

However, many employees are unhappy about going back to working in-office, especially those who had moved farther away in search of more affordable accommodations.

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