Go Nimbly implements compulsory 20 days leave a year plan

The new leave policy at Go Nimbly encouraged employees to take leaves to rejuvenate themselves


To fulfil employees’ demand for a more flexible leave plan, Go Nimbly, a US based startup, enforces a mandatory 20-day leave policy per year for all employees.

This initiative was taken to help employees work well at their jobs. The policy mandates that they can take leave whenever they need it. 

The company has designed the leave plan by mentioning a minimum number of days employees should take off each year.  It has also adjusted incentive plans to support the new policy, whereby employees could still achieve their targets even if they took a week off per quarter or even more. The company has also implemented a system to monitor and flag if employees were not taking enough time off.

Kyle Lacy, director of people operations, Go Nimbly, said he slept well at night, because of the successful implementation of the new policy that brought him peace of mind. He also emphasised the importance of sleep hygiene, which is about getting enough rest to be healthy and perform well in daily life.

As a result of the new policy, employees began to utilise their time off more frequently. In comparison to the previous quarter of 2023, there was a 19 per cent increase in the days off taken by employees. This indicates that the new policy successfully encouraged employees to take the time off they were entitled to.

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