Google to ensure content moderation on internal message boards

The community management team will focus on ensuring that no intensely political or discriminatory discussions take place


After noticing that its employees have been sharing their opinions generously on its internal message boards — Dory and Memegen — while working from home, Google has decided to get strict. The Company’s internal community management team has observed an increase in the number of posts flagged for racism and abuse, forcing them to work on moderating content.

Posts on both Dory and Memegen have very often been flagged as harassing and discriminatory by employees.

The social-media company realises that there is an urgent need to concentrate on moderating discussions while employees are working remotely so that no unnecessary or heated political or social debates occur.

Therefore, Google is going to ensure that the owners of discussion groups actively moderate the content. These group owners will be adequately trained to become active moderators and enable them to lay down a meaningful purpose for the groups. These moderators will also be responsible for making sure that discussions are contained within the set guidelines and frameworks and ensure inclusivity.

Given the tensions arising out of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the distressing pandemic situation, with China in the centre of it, and the ensuing mental depression caused by the imposed remote working, Google wishes to ensure that the working atmosphere does not become stressful or toxic for employees.

The leaders at Google are trying to ensure that the work environment remains friendly and welcoming for its employees; a certain level of transparency is maintained; and open dialogue is encouraged even while restricting disrupting political discussions amidst the work-from-home arrangement, which is going to last till next year.

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