Govt sector in Tamil Nadu will give priority to first-generation graduates for employment

Chief Minister MK Stalin wants youngsters to be trained to clear competitive exams


Chief Minister M K Stalin has expressed his eagerness to see more youngsters clearing competitive examinations in Tamil Nadu. He has instructed concerned officials to make provisions to train more youngsters to clear competitive exams and land good jobs in the government sector. He stated that the Tamil Nadu government will give priority to first-generation graduates in government-sector jobs.

At a meeting with the officials of the human resources and finance departments, authorities were directed to ensure that government training centres create training modules and courses aimed at helping youngsters excel in competitive examinations.

The chief minister also felt the need to provide special training to government staff to improve the quality of service offered by them to the public. He also issued instructions for the improvement of the quality of training at the Anna Institute of Management and other government institutions where the youth of the state receive coaching and training to tackle competitive exams.

Senior bureaucrats have been advised to use the facilities available at the civil service training institute in Bhavanisagar to offer online training workshops to government employees so that they can become more efficient in their duties and work.

Meanwhile, the state government has finalised 35 new industrial deals worth over Rs 17,000 crores, rolled out five new ventures worth about Rs 7,000 crores and also initiated the establishment of nine industries worth Rs 4,250 crores. These are hoped to generate 83,000 more new jobs in the state.

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