How a laid-off TCS employee chose to express her anger

The said employee made a hoax bomb threat call, which sent the TCS campus at Hosur Road, Bengaluru, into a tizzy


Further investigations indicated that a former woman employee, from Hubli district of Karnataka, had made the bomb threat call.

A former employee of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Think Campus, at Hosur road, Bengaluru chose to express her anger at being laid off in an unusual manner. She decided to make a fake bomb threat call, which naturally caused a lot of disruption within the campus, with people panicking and rushing out of the campus when they came to know of the call. The campus was evacuated after the call.

The call, which was received in the B block of the campus led to the bomb disposal squad being sent for. However, even after combing the area thoroughly the squad did not find any explosives anywhere inside or near the complex.

When the matter was investigated, it was found that an employee, from Hubli district of Karnataka, whose employment had been terminated, had made the hoax bomb threat. She was reportedly angry with the company for the layoff. Now, the police are on the lookout to nab the woman.

As per media reports, this isn’t the first time that TCS has received a hoax bomb call. In May this year, about 1500 TCS employees had to be evacuated from their office building following a bomb threat call at the Hyderabad office. That call was made by a former employee of the company’s security wing.

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