Hybrid mode work for Zoom employees

The company that helped people work from home during pandemic now wants them back in office


Zoom Video Communications, a company known for helping people work from home during the pandemic, is now asking its employees to come back to the office. Eric Yuan, CEO, Zoom, sent a message saying the company wants to focus more on working in person.

To do this, Zoom is trying a new way of working called the hybrid approach. This means that employees who live near the company’s offices should come to work in person for at least two days a week. The rest of the time, they can work from home.

The company believes that being together in the office will help people work better as a team and come up with new ideas. It wants to use its own technology and keep being innovative while supporting its customers around the world.

During the pandemic, many people used Zoom to have video meetings and to work from home. The company was in great demand for a long time but now, as more establishments are going back to physical work spaces, the value of the company has gone down immensely.

Because of this, the e-meet company has made some changes to how it works. It fired its president and let go of 1,300 employees earlier this year.

Zoom has offices in San Jose, California, and Denver, Colorado. It also has offices in other countries.

With more than 8,400 people working for Zoom all over the world, this change is a big deal. It shows that the company is trying to adapt to the new world after the pandemic and is finding new ways to be successful.

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