IKEA to hire 7500 women by 2030, starts recruiting in Hyderabad


The furniture retailer plans to go for value-based rather than experience or qualification-based hiring.

IKEA has started the recruitment process for its store to be opened in Hyderabad by the end of 2017. It will soon start the staffing process in Mumbai and Bengaluru also.

The Company has plans to hire 500 to 700 direct co-workers for each of its stores in India, and another 1500 indirect co-workers around these stores.

IKEA is focussed on maintaining gender diversity in its outlets. It will hire 50 per cent co-workers at all levels. By the year 2030, it will have 7500 women co-workers.

It will empower the women in the workforce and nurture them. To attract more women staff, it will offer them flexible work hours, child-care facilities at the workplace along with a secure, healthy and safe environment. Also, it aims to bring back women who are on career breaks or sabbaticals by providing them flexibility in many areas.

IKEA is inspired by other companies, which have provided great facilities to their women employees.

In India, IKEA aims to be the preferred employer by women. The Company believes that a workplace with gender balance is better because it leads to not only better discussions, but improved decisions and perspective too.

The organisation will employ workers based on their individual values, rather than focussing on degrees and experiences.

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