Genpact launches e-learning platform to help global professionals reskill themselves

Adapt and Rise will make valuable content and knowledge available to all keen learners out there, free of cost.


Professionals today need to keep improving their skills to keep up with the changing times and stay relevant in a highly competitive job market.

To help professionals in their attempt to succeed in the digital economy, global professional services firm, Genpact, has launched its role-based online learning platform, Adapt and Rise. As this platform also includes parts of Genpact’s highly successful continuous learning platform, Genome, interested professionals can now accelerate their professional learning process.

Genome is the product of the combined effort and knowledge of Genpact’s over 90,000 strong workforce. By employing its in-house experts to organise content and information for its scattered workforce, Genpact facilitates flow of information, efficient dissemination of knowledge and faster learning. Adapt and Rise delves into this treasure house of content and makes it available to the public. Better still, the content is available online free of cost, so that professionals can learn and equip themselves with the professional skills required to succeed in the dynamic corporate world.

Speaking to HRKatha, Piyush Mehta, CHRO, Genpact, says, “As voracious learners ourselves, we have opened key areas of our own learning platform to help all individuals  ‘adapt and rise’. Our experts have curated bite-size lessons and knowledge. They’ve used their experiences in leading digital transformation for thousands of engagements with hundreds of clients to identify critical skills needed to succeed in today’s economy.”

With Adapt and Rise, professionals can learn and master a wide variety of essential skills to stay relevant in this digital age.

“In this time of unprecedented global change, it is incumbent on those who have resources to provide access to those who need them,” points out Tiger Tyagarajan, chief executive officer, Genpact.

“We believe it is important to share the insights sharpened from our business and technology expertise to help people reach their professional potential and maximise their ability to drive meaningful impact in the world,” adds Tyagarajan.

The platform features approximately 100 hours of bite-sized learning content, including videos, articles, blogs, podcasts and more.

The content on the platform is classified into 14 skills, which are common to most roles and also essential for professionals to progress in their careers. These include, the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, change management, customer experience, design thinking, digital business strategy, people leadership, and even storytelling.

The learners are allowed the freedom to choose their own learning order, as there is no rigid sequence in which they are mandated to consume the content. Therefore, they can begin from just anywhere and learn at their pace to attain up to four levels of proficiency.

“Whether it is a graduating student, a transitioning worker, or a working professional, we at Genpact, believe that each one should have the opportunity to learn from our experience, accumulated through thousands of engagements with hundreds of clients,” shares Gianni Giacomelli, chief innovation leader, Genpact.

“Our collective knowledge allows us to determine what people should know and learn, and serve them the right knowledge to ignite insights, boost skills and amplify talent. We are leveraging the collective intelligence enabled by the Genome platform to make the most contemporary real-world learnings available to millions of people at no cost,” adds Giacomelli.

In partnership with EdCast, Genpact is leveraging its real-world digital transformation expertise to help create the adaptive workforce required for the digital age.

Adapt and Rise is available as an app as well as in a web version.

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