Google to create 250,000 new training opportunities for American workers over the next five years

The CEO of Google has signed ‘The Pledge to America’s Workers’.

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Google has pledged to train 250,000 Americans to take on technology jobs in the future. It has committed to a White House programme aimed at getting private organisations to offer training to American workers.

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, recently signed ‘The Pledge to America’s Workers,’ which has already been signed by 350 American businesses.

Google will also be launching a programme it developed to train people who are inexperienced or have a college degree, for entry-level jobs in the IT support space, in less than six months.

The objective is to ensure that everyone is able to avail the job opportunities available in the technology space.

This is a step towards investing in workers, who will be the biggest asset for the country, and equipping them to be relevant in the changing work environment.

In 2018, the National Council for the American Worker and the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board were set up to recommend a national workforce strategy. It was at that time that the President of the US had requested American businesses to come forward and offer education and skills-training programmes by signing the pledge.

Already over 14 million students and workers have been trained in the last one year. By signing the pledge and offering skill training, businesses in American will be able to find a solution to the paucity of qualified talent. Over seven million jobs are there for the taking in the US presently, according to reports.

Google will be offering online courses, such as the IT Support Professional Certificate, to students of about a 100 community colleges, which is more than thrice the present number, in about 16 states.

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