Private HR consultant to study, assess competencies of ministries

This HR consultancy firm will examine the existing and required competencies across departments under 7 key ministries


An HR consultancy firm will soon be looking into reorganising and restructuring the seven primary departments and ministries of the Government, including the Ministry of Finance, in terms of the existing and required competencies.

The private consultant will be expected to design and develop a Framework of Roles, Activities & Competencies (FRAC) for the Centre, using which roles and tasks for every government position will be mapped with the required competencies. This will cover not just domain knowledge, but behavioural traits, functional skills and other proficiencies. For each competency, there will different levels of proficiency, to be attained one step at a time, as the individual progresses from one level to another. That means, individuals will learn and evolve as they grow in their roles and in their careers.

This is part of the Mission Karmayogi project wherein the work allocation documents of the ministries of finance, electronics & information technology, rural development, health, environment and forests, NHAI and the Department of Personnel Training will be studied by the HR consultancy firm that will be engaged specifically for this purpose.

With the rapid pace of digitisation and the growing numbers of IT experts in the country, the consultant will be expected to establish a FRAC Centre of Excellence at the Institute of Secretariat Training & Management and develop strategy and operating processes for FRAC. From this Centre, global practices can be assessed, hypotheses may be tested to see feasibility of local application, and group discussions may be carried out to examine and evaluate the various competencies of officials across departments.

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