Many Wiproites under scanner for low performance


Employees have been asked to have an open discussion with their supervisor and HR manager on how they can grow and contribute going forward. Many employees have told HRKatha that they have been asked by HR to either improve or lookout.

There are certain companies which are considered to be a safe haven for employees. Once in, it’s almost difficult to lose the job unless an employee gets involved in some kind of unethical or immoral practice.

In such companies, it is rare to lose jobs for underperformance. Such organisations believe in giving plenty of opportunity to improve oneself. If an employee is underperforming in a particular role, function or division, he or she will mostly have an opportunity to move to try out new things in the company.

However, many employees use such unwritten policies as an opportunity to stay put with the company.

There are numerous Indian companies which are quite sympathetic to their employees and Wipro Technologies is one such company. For underperformers, the annual raise may have been low or below the average but the fear of losing jobs was never there.

Now that’s going to change. Wipro Technologies, post its annual appraisal this year, has put many employees under the scanner.

In an internal memo sent out to employees, Abid Neemuchwala, CEO, Wipro, asked the employees to have an open discussion with their supervisor and HR manager on how they can grow and contribute going forward.

“Rotation to billable digital engagements will be key for them. Job rotations and upskilling are important levers for growth in the digital age. Inability to keep pace with change will leave you behind! Continuous learning and adaptability are critical,” Neemuchwala wrote.

Many employees have told HRKatha that they have been put under PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) and unless there is a mark improvement in their performance, they will have to go. In fact, the HR is unofficially asking them to find a job within the given time frame.

Harbouring underperformers costs the company in terms of high potentials or star performers.

At Wipro, the average appraisal has been in the line of 6-7 per cent which is at par with its rivals TCS and Infosys, but those performing really well have also been given a double digit increment, especially those involved with digital.

The company has mentioned, “Routine legacy work will be viewed less favorably compared to digital functions and interest to re-skill.”

Wipro has been going through a tough time recently. The company’s overall performance has been hit hard by the bankruptcy of two of its clients, and a slowdown in some industry verticals.

“Our efforts at cost optimisation are important to ensure we deliver margins in line with the industry, as salary increase this year is expensive for the company and we need to ensure we drive cost productivity to make up for the MSI (merit salary increase) and create headroom for next year,” Neemuchwala wrote in the internal memo.

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