MEA to monitor international appointments of nurses


New rule requires foreign recruiters to approach the Ministry of External Affairs with their recruitment requests.

Indian nurses are in great demand worldwide. There are a few lakhs of Indian nurses alone in the gulf countries. If the Americas, Europe and Oceania regions are considered, the numbers would be significantly high.

However, this demand has given birth to several malpractices as well. It is learnt that recruitment agencies charge between Rs 22–25 lakh from job seekers as a fee for arranging nursing visas to Kuwait and other West Asian countries.

Now, the Indian government has decided to put an end to this menace.

The Ministry of External Affairs has issued an order that all recruitment of Indian nurses for overseas assignments will be done through government agencies, such as NORKA (Non Resident Keralites Affairs) and ODEPC (Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants).

The rule will come into effect from 30 April, 2015 onwards.

Of late, there have been increasing complaints by job seekers of being fleeced by foreign and private agencies.

As per the new rule, any requirement request of Indian nurses by any foreign recruiter will have to be routed through the Ministry of External Affairs.

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