LinkedIn acquires Glint, to offer better, insightful and actionable feedback

The acquisition deal of Microsoft and Glint will be completed by the end of this year, following which Glint will operate as a subteam of LinkedIn.


Microsoft-owned LinkedIn — the web- and mobile-based business and employment-oriented service — has announced its acquisition of Glint, which is a California-based organisation that helps companies obtain feedback from employees.

While the details of the deal have yet to be disclosed, the acquisition will give the business social network enhanced insight into the morale and skill levels within organisations.

Daniel Shapero, vice president-talent solutions, careers and learning, LinkedIn believes that Glint’s new-age HR best practice should be followed by all companies, and that obtaining regular feedback on work, culture and leadership is rather important.

Being a customer of Glint, LinkedIn has tested its tools that provide leaders the means to gather knowledge about their respective companies and then take necessary steps according to the insights gained.

Stating his vision for the integration of Glint and LinkedIn, in a blog, Shapero highlighted the fact that Glint’s tools help executives answer questions related to the wellness and happiness of their people, and also allows managers at all levels gain much-needed insight to bring about improvements.

LinkedIn and Glint can now together offer to change the insights and feedback received (on Glint) into a personalised LinkedIn experience for managers. Since the focus will be on the areas that require improvement, the feedback received will end up being rather meaningful and something on which action can be taken.

On formal completion of the acquisition deal of Glint by Microsoft, by the end of this year, the former will function as a subteam of LinkedIn.

Jim Barnet, CEO and founder, Glint will be reporting to Shapero, and over the next year or so, the teams of Glint will be incorporated into LinkedIn.

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