Meta accused of hiring former Twitter employees to develop Threads

Meta has denied the allegations of hiring laid off Twitter employees in the development of its new launch, Threads 


Meta, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, is facing allegations that it hired former Twitter employees to develop its new microblogging app, Threads. The allegations were made by a rival company which claims that Threads violates Twitter’s intellectual property rights by misappropriating trade secrets and confidential information.

Meta has denied the allegations, stating that none of the engineers involved in the development of Threads had any previous affiliation with Twitter. The company said that it has a strict policy against hiring employees who have signed non-compete agreements with former employers, and that it has no evidence that any of the engineers on the Threads team violated this policy.

The rival company has not provided any specific evidence to support its allegations, and Meta has said that it is confident that the allegations will be found to be baseless. However, the allegations have raised questions about the ethics of Meta’s hiring practices, which could have a significant impact on the future of Threads which is uncertain at the moment. 

If Meta is found to have violated Twitter’s intellectual property rights, it could lead to legal action against Meta which would damage the reputation of Threads and make it more difficult for the app to succeed.

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