NHRDN organises ‘Re-imagining L&D’ Summit

The Summit aimed at realigning the human-centric approach in the AI-dominated business world.


The sixth National Learning & Development Summit platformed sessions in which industry and human resource experts from different sectors, such as IT, F&B, banking, and education, brainstormed on various subjects. The topics discussed included the creation of a new learning and development (L&D) platform that can be leveraged to a company’s advantage, and the correct way to cultivate purpose, values and social connections. In addition, the art of rightfully developing full-stack employees and the L&D perspective on ‘Man VS Machine’ and ‘Man & Machine’ in the new human era were also discussed.

Organised by the National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN), Pune Chapter, at the Fergusson College, the overarching theme of the summit was to reimagine the L&D strategies for the decade 2020-2030. The design of the summit included expert views and insights on the best and next practices in the industry, to carve out L&D strategies for 2030.

In the inaugural speech, Abhay Jere, chief innovation officer, Ministry of HRD, said, “Usually, it is the HR professionals who make others listen, but I take this opportunity to turn the tables. The main crisis of human resources in India is surely the way the education system is designed. Indian students are much less efficient at problem-solving than students from the world over.”

Jere in his speech had various recommendations for the HR industry ranging from creating internship opportunities for graduates and improving the employability of engineers in their organisations.

The Re-imagining Learning and Development Summit has been curated for business leaders, HR professionals and all the stakeholders responsible for organisation development at large and the themes too carefully crafted to help ignite the minds of L&D leaders, talent management practitioners and all HR professionals.

“In the recent past, the L&D function has experienced the severe intrusion of technology which has its pluses and minuses. The L&D Summit explores how the human-centric approach in the world of AI can be realigned. Overall the Summit promises to be an exciting learning experience for the delegates and speakers alike,” shares Anand Khott, Summit director & president, NHRDN Pune Chapter & HR leader, IBM.

The Summit’s pedagogy included presentations and discussions with emphasis on experience sharing; it also was conducted in a highly interactive mode with a Q&A round in each session.

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