Quantiphi rolls out FlexiWork policy, gears up for hybrid mode

The policy is aimed at striking a balance between in-person and virtual work


Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, has rolled out its FlexiWork policy, in keeping with the growing need to go hybrid.

As Mohini Palchowdhury, head – human resources, Quantiphi, puts it, “We want our people to have the complete freedom to decide their version of an effective working model”.

The Company believes in changing and evolving with the times “to ensure our people and our customers get the best experiences”.

The FlexiWork policy is designed to strike a fine balance between in-person and virtual work. It will offer exclusive benefits to those who are eager to return to the office (that is, hybrid work model) and also cater to those who choose to work remotely.

The benefits will not affect their existing compensation or performance bonuses.

The hybrid work model will allow people to connect personally and come together to create new, meaningful experiences and outcomes. Those who choose the hybrid work model will enjoy hybrid allowances with a hike in the relocation bonus. They will also enjoy additional flexibility to work from anywhere in the world for a period of one month.

Ritesh Patel, founder, Quantiphi, believes that in today’s world, policies need to be practical “where everyone, regardless of where they work, can collaborate, contribute, and be rewarded objectively”.

He admits that the employees “go the extra mile to support their teams and drive customer satisfaction” and therefore, Quantiphi is “committed to making it as easy as possible for them”.

It is hoped that the “new FlexiWork model will bring greater work-life balance and an environment that promotes trust and accountability”, said Patel.

Quantiphi, which helps clients solve tough business problems, hopes to attract quality talent with its new FlexiWork policy. The objective is to facilitate effective collaboration, engaging conversations, and create a cohesive environment to drive flexibility and agility at the organisational level. This will fuel employee engagement, promote productivity and innovation, and also ensure talent retention.

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