Rapid7 implements layoffs as part of restructuring for cybersecurity success

18% of Rapid7’s workforce is effected with this layoffs


Rapid7, a cybersecurity firm based in the US, has recently joined other companies undergoing workforce reductions. The company has officially announced its plans to lay off approximately 470 employees, constituting about 18 per cent of its total workforce. This decision comes as part of a comprehensive restructuring strategy that Rapid7 is implementing. 

What is surprising is that the move came without warning and that too at a time when the company’s performance has been meeting expectations. Clearly, by taking proactive steps to restructure its operations, the company aims to optimise its resources and capabilities more effectively. Corey Thomas, CEO, Rapid7, conveyed in a message to the employees that this strategic shift, even in the face of satisfactory performance, presents an opportunity to realign the organisation for enhanced efficiency and adaptability.

To ensure a smooth transition for the affected employees, Rapid7 has assured that each individual impacted by the layoffs will receive comprehensive severance packages. These packages are designed to provide not only financial support but also essential benefits such as continued healthcare coverage. Additionally, the company is demonstrating its commitment to the well-being and future prospects of its departing employees by offering outplacement services. These career support services will assist the affected individuals in navigating their professional journeys beyond Rapid7, aiding them in finding new employment opportunities and potentially transitioning to new roles or industries.


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