Razorpay includes LGBTQIA, live-in partners in health insurance policy

The payments platform’s health cover now includes gender reassignment surgery and infertility treatment, while the maternity benefit cover has been increased by Rs 25,000


Razorpay, the Indian payments solutions company, has revised its health insurance policy for all its current employees, to include LGBTQIA+ and live-in partners, as well as same-gender partners and their families.

Additionally, the policy also covers gender reassignment surgery, infertility treatment and so on.

This revamping has made its health-insurance policy more inclusive for its 2,300-strong workforce.

The insurance cover will include, gender reassignment surgery without a cost limitation, and only subject to co-pay, said the firm. Razorpay has also increased the maternity benefit cover from Rs 50,000 to Rs 75,000.

This initiative is a step in the right direction to ensuring that the employees are taken care of and the health cover is extended “beyond the traditional definitions of a family”.

The policy revision also makes Razorpay an equal opportunities employer that offers a workplace free of any discrimination whatsoever. The Company wishes to create a safe work environment for its employees, regardless of their identities.

In the initial phases of the pandemic, the Company had introduced the bereavement and widow-widower benefit. The existing policy involved 10 per cent co-pay. Now, however, the Company has decided to waive off the 10 per cent in the unfortunate event of demise during hospitalisation.

Focussing on the well-being of its workforce, Razorpay has taken several initiatives over the last two years, such as “No-Meeting Days” and “Wellness Leaves” to building a people-centric workplace.

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