Salary hike for West Bengal ministers, legislators: Bengal CM

MLAs currently earning Rs 10,000 monthly will now receive Rs 50,000. Cabinet ministers will earn Rs 51,000, while state ministers will receive Rs 50,900


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced a salary increase for state ministers and legislators, citing disparities compared to other states. She noted that the current salaries for ministers and MLAs were relatively low in comparison to other states and declared an increment of Rs 40,000.

MLAs in West Bengal currently receive the lowest salaries in the country, with a monthly salary of Rs 10,000. As a result, the state government has decided to raise the monthly salaries as follows: Cabinet ministers will now earn Rs 51,000, state ministers Rs 50,900, and legislators Rs 50,000.

The gross salary of MLAs currently is Rs 1 lakh, including allowances. Following the salary hike, their basic salary will increase to Rs 50,000 taking their gross salary to Rs 1.5 lakh.

The Chief Minister, however, clarified that the salary of the chief minister will remain unchanged. She explained that the royalty from her books is enough for her to get by, which is why she does not draw a salary and does not accept any pension from her previous role as a central minister either.

In March this year, Delhi legislators had received a 67 per cent hike in salary after a gap of 12 years.

Till before the hike, the MLAs were earning Rs 54,000. Aftre the hike, their pay went up to Rs 90,000 per month with effect from February 2023. The salaries and allowances of the Chief Minister, ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip and Leader of Opposition also went up from Rs 72,000 per month to Rs 1.7 lakh per month.

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