Saudi Arabia to rely on experts to improve overseas hiring

The objective is to streamline the hiring system of foreign workers without affecting local jobs


The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources is considering hiring a consultancy to help improve overseas recruitment. The challenges faced while hiring foreign workers will be addressed and policies will be revised with the help of experts. This will ensure that local employment is not affected even while the economy’s needs in terms of resources is met.

It is reported that the Saudi Human Resources Ministry is planning to classify jobs, to put in safety measures against fraud recruiters and also to better monitor any violations in recruitment regulations.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has about 1000 recruitment offices and 35 recruitment companies, is the fourth highest overseas recruiter, after the US, Russia and Germany.

The revised visa service has been designed keeping in mind the demands of the small businesses that require migrant workers for their functioning. This will also encourage more youth in Saudi to launch startups and start small businesses, that will help the economy to expand and grow. Established businesses will also benefit from the new visa service, which will help them in their expansion plans.

Over seven million expatriates are employed in the private sector. More than a million domestic workers are found in Saudi Arabi. About 68 per cent of houses in Saudi Arabia employ foreign domestic workers.

There are many reasons for this, the large demand for workers in the oil industry is one, another is The labour market in Saudi Arabia relies heavily on foreign labour, particularly the private sector. The demand is the highest in the oil industry, followed by its innumerable and huge infrastructure projects that depend on temporary labour.

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